Scrub Daddy Pack of 5: Versatile Scratch Free and Smell Free Sponge


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  • Won’t cling to debris so it stays smell-free for up to 2 months
  • Won’t scratch wood, plastic, stainless steel, non-stick coatings or glass
  • Soft sponge in warm water for gentle cleansing and hard sponge in cold water for scrubbing
  • Dishwasher safe for easy sanitizing
  • Also great for peeling vegetables

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Scrub Daddy is a versatile utility sponge that can be used to clean just about anything from dirty dishes to bathrooms and outside furnishings. Its unique design enables it to turn soft in warm water and firm in cold water – thereby adding even more to its usage. In warm water, it can clean any delicate surface without causing scratches, while in cold water it is ideal for scrubbing. It will even clean without detergent and when dirty can be easily cleaned by placing it in a dishwasher or rinsing it out with warm water and a bit of soap.

If that wasn’t enough, the sponge can even be used to peel potatoes and other vegetables once soaked in cold water.

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Returns & Warranty

We have a 30-day return policy for the Scrub daddy. To return, the Scrub Daddy cannot be used or show any evidence of being opened or used. This is due to hygiene reasons.


Using Scrub Daddy

How long will my Scrub Daddy last?
Like any sponge, our foam will deteriorate over time. Harsh scrubbing or rough surfaces will erode the foam faster than with gentle use. With regular usage, a typical Scrub Daddy lasts around 2 months.

How do I change the texture of my Scrub Daddy?
Cold water is the key to a firm scrubber. Hold under cold running tap water or immerse in ice water. To soften, simply run under warm water.

When should I use my Scrub Daddy firm versus soft?
For messes in need of extra scrubbing power, like burnt on debris and stubborn stains, a firm consistency is best. Conversely, use soft for light cleaning jobs.

What type of cleaners can I use with my Scrub Daddy?
Our unique foam can remove many stains and debris with water alone, minimizing the need for harsh chemicals. Try baking soda, vinegar or a mild dish soap for common household cleaning.

Will Scrub Daddy scratch?
In independent lab tests, Scrub Daddy products did not scratch the following surfaces: Acrylic, Aluminum, Car Exterior paint, Cast Iron, Ceramic, Chrome, Copper, Crystal, Enamel, Fiberglass, Glass, Granite, Leather, Limestone, Marble, Non-stick Coatings, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Plastic, Porcelain, Soapstone, Stainless Steel, Travertine, Vinyl, Wood.

If you have any concerns, we recommend testing a small, inconspicuous area first.

Can I exfoliate with my Scrub Daddy?
Yes! Scrub Daddy was originally designed to scrub hands. Keep in mind that it may be abrasive when utilized in cold water. We recommend starting with warm water for a soft texture, reducing the water temperature gradually if needed.

Cleaning Scrub Daddy

How can I sanitize my Scrub Daddy?
Dampen and place in the microwave for one minute to sanitize. We do not advise leaving it in the microwave longer than this.

How do I clean my dirty Scrub Daddy?
Place under warm running water and massage gently. Feel free to add a mild soap if needed. You may also place it in the dishwasher (top rack) if necessary.

How do Scrub Daddy products stay cleaner longer?
Our foam is engineered with a semi-closed cellular structure. This helps to prevent most debris from sticking or becoming embedded in the material.

Will my Scrub Daddy hold odors?
The Scrub Daddy is lab tested to not hold odors for up to 2 months.

About Scrub Daddy

What is Scrub Daddy made from?
Our scrubbing material is made from a highly engineered polymer foam named FlexTexture(TM). It is unique and exclusive to our products.

Is my Scrub Daddy recyclable?
Scrub Daddy products are non-recyclable.

Do Scrub Daddy products contain latex or BPA?
Scrub Daddy products are latex and BPA free.


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