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Kingii Inflatable: Wearable Wristband That Prevents Drowning



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  • Easy to activate and use inflatable bag
  • Provides lift and buoyancy for anyone up to 130 kilograms
  • Light weight and durable
  • One size fits all wrist strap
  • Re-usable

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Kingii is a wristband that contains an inflation bag. When needed, simply pull the lever and the bag will fill in seconds thereby pulling you to the surface of the water.

Its flexible wrist strap is designed to fit almost any size from children to adults.

The bright orange bag creates good visibility in water and the hexagonal design makes it easy to grip and hold on to.

Just to be sure, it also includes a whistle you can use to call for help if needed.

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express and Apple Pay.

Is GST and other costs included in the price?
Price is inclusive of GST and all other charges.

Returns & Warranty

We have a 30-day return policy for the Kingii Inflatable Wristband. To return, please ensure the included item(s) are placed back in or in the original packaging. The product needs to be in re-sellable condition.

The Kingii Wearable comes with a two year warranty. We have designed strict quality management processes to ensure that your device always works as expected. However, if your device does not work as expected within two years after purchase, please contact our customer service at customerservice@kingii.com and we will arrange a replacement of your device.


Is the Kingii wearable reusable?
The Kingii can be re-used as many times as needed. Just take out the used Kingii Cylinder, fold the bag back into its pouch, screw in the new Kingii CO2 Cylinder and you are ready to get back to the beach, lake, river, pool, or favorite fishing hole!

How many cylinders do I get with the Kingii wearable?
Each Kingii wearable purchased comes with one Kingii CO2 Cylinder. Additional Kingii CO2 Cylinders are available for purchase via this URL (http://www.kingii.com/shop.html).

How much does the Kingii wearable weigh?
The Kingii wearable is small but packs a big punch! At just 140 grams, the Kingii can be worn without interfering with your favorite water activity.

Does the Kingii wearable come in different sizes?
Currently, the Kingii is available in a “One size fits most” version. The wristband can be adjusted easily.

Which activities is the Kingii wearable most suited for?
The Kingii was designed to be suitable for any kind of water activity. Whether it be swimming, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, or stand up paddling, the Kingii is the perfect companion for you!

Can I take Kingii with me on an airplane?
The Kingii Wearable contains a Cartridge with 12 grams of pressurized, non-flammable CO2 gas. In air travel it is regarded as hazardous material.

However, based on a ruling of the international trade association of the world‘s airlines (IATA), you are allowed to carry four such cartridges with you on an airplane in carry-on and checked luggage with approval of the aircraft operator (Table 2.3A, Subsection 2.3 from the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation).

Since not all of the ground personnel may be aware of these official regulations, we recommend that you download and print this document (http://www.kingii.com/images/kingiiairplane.pdf) and take it with you on your journey.

Is Kingii a Personal Flotation Device? Can it replace a life-vest?
Kingii is not a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and cannot replace a life-vest, but it is a recreational water-device. We recommend wearing Kingii as an additional backup device together with an authorized PFD.

Is there an age limitation for using the Kingii?
The device is not recommended for use for children under 15. This is not so much it won’t work for kids – it most certainly will. However, user feedback found that some children panicked too much and forget how to use the Kingii Wristband properly. However, we are currently looking for ways to provide innovative water safety options for users of all ages.

Is there a weight limitation for using the Kingii?
The Kingii Wearable is tested and proven to provide buoyancy for an adult weighing up to 130 kg.

Can I use any other type of CO2 cylinder with my Kingii wearable?
For your own safety we do not recommend to use different CO2 Cylinder as the performance of the Kingii may suffer due to loss of pressure or incompatibility issues.


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