Joseph Joseph Rocker: Simple and Elegant Garlic Crusher



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  • Easily and quickly crushes garlic cloves by using simple downward pressure and a rocking motion
  • Pieces of garlic are forced through the stainless-steel mesh holes without leaving any garlic odour on your hands
  • Ergonomic curved design holds crushed pieces, hence allowing you to crush more cloves before scraping them into a bowl/pan
  • Gently rub the garlic press on your hands and fingers to help reduce garlic odour (stainless steel may help remove the odours left from handling garlic)
  • Perfect kitchen tool for your noodle stir-fries, vegetable sautés, salad dressings, and sauces
  • Measures 18cm x 4cm x 3cm and is dishwasher-safe

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Keep the aroma of garlic on your dishes and not on your hands with the Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Crusher. By using downward pressure and a ‘rocking’ motion, this stylish, stainless steel tool crushes garlic cloves quickly and easily by forcing the pieces up through its mesh holes. Since you don’t touch the garlic, it keeps your hands smell free but if you do, simply rub your hands and fingers on the rocker to reduce the garlic odour (stainless steel is thought to remove the odours left from handling garlic).

The curved design of the crusher holds the crushed garlic so when you’re done, simply scrape every flavourful bit directly to your hot pan. With this handy kitchen tool, you’ll be using fresh garlic more for your home-cooked meals.

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Will it completely remove the garlic odour if I rub it on my hands after use?
It really depends. Some people say it removes the odour completely while some say it hardly works at all. For most people, it should remove at least some of the odour.

Can it be used to crush ginger?
It’s not really designed to crush ginger, but it can work if the ginger isn’t too hard.

Can it work without peeling the skin of the garlic first?
It can work without peeling first. However, it works best when you do peel the garlic.

What is the difference between this and a garlic press?
There is generally less waste with this garlic press and it’s easier to clean after use.

What are its dimensions?
It’s 18cm x 4cm x 3cm.


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