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HyperChiller V2: Chill Hot Beverages in 60 Seconds Without Dilution


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  • Chills hot coffee by up to 54 degrees in 60 seconds without dilution
  • Can be used to chill water, juice, alcohol and tea as well
  • High volume 370ml capacity
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe

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Don’t settle for watered down iced coffee or wait all day for a cold brew recipe. With the HyperChiller, you can turn hot coffee into perfect iced coffee in as quickly as one minute, without dilution!

The HyperChiller’s patented multi-chamber design keeps the coffee and ice separated with two layers of food grade stainless steel. This ensures maximum surface area in which to cool your drinks.

You’ll also save money as the average iced coffee will cost you $3-4. It can pay for itself in just two weeks!

BPA free and dishwasher safe – the hyper chiller has four simple parts, easily disassembles and is machine washable. Other uses it has include chilling a bottle of wine, some iced tea or soft drinks for the kids. The hyper chiller cools all liquids without any change in flavour or dilution!

To assemble: just add water and freeze. Once frozen, pour your ideal drink into the lid. One minute later your drinks will be chilled. Then simply pour into your regular drinking glass or mug & put the hyper chiller back in the freezer for next time.

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We have a 30-day return policy for the HyperChiller. To return, please ensure the included item(s) are placed back in or in the original packaging. The product needs to be in re-sellable condition. 

The HyperChiller is warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of ninety days from the date of original retail purchase. 

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Can it be used to chill all types of drinks?
It can chill any type of drink that isn’t too thick or isn’t carbonated. Thick drinks may clog the opening while carbonated drinks may lose significant carbonation in the process and cause the HyperChiller to overflow. However, if the carbonated drink has been opened for a little while, then it could be chilled in the HyperChiller. 

How long should the HyperChiller stay in the freezer before use?
12 hours maximum. However, many customers begin using it after 6 hours and say it works fine. 

Once taken out, how many times can it be used again before it needs to be put back into the freezer?
For hot beverages, twice. During the second time, cooling times will roughly be doubled. For beverages at room temperature, it can be used up to 5 times. 

How cold does the beverage get after a minute compared to a few minutes?
If you use hot coffee, then after one minute, your drink will be close to room temperature, so it will taste like iced coffee if you put ice into it. After 90 seconds, then no ice is required. If you’re not using hot beverages, then after 1 minute it will feel like it was taken out of the fridge. 

Can it be used consecutively to cool different types of drinks?
Yes. However, to avoid flavour dilution, it is recommended to rinse it out with a bit of water first. 

How long can you leave it in the freezer?

Can you drink it from the cooler or do you need to put it in another glass?
It is not designed to be drank from because the water inside it could leak. You should put it in another glass after it has been chilled. 

How easy is this to clean? Do you have to clean it after each use?
Very easy – just rinse it out with water after each use. If it starts getting dirty, then it is recommended you wash it or put it into a dish washer. 

Is it dishwasher safe?
Yes, but only for the top rack.


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