Bluapple: Device Extends the Freshness of Fruits and Vegetables


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  • Makes fresh produce last up to 3 times longer
  • Can be used in the fridge or outside in the pantry
  • Average Australian household can save up to $340 a year in wasted groceries
  • Made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials
  • Each satchel lasts 3 months

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Bluapple is a simple device that helps keep your produce fresher for longer while at the same time saving you grocery bills. Each Bluapple contains a satchel which absorbs ethylene gas – the stuff that causes your produce to ripen and eventually over ripen.

Each satchel contains a proprietary mix of volcanic ash and sodium permanganate which absorbs the ethylene gas emitted by fruits & vegetables. After 3 months simply replace the satchel and empty the contents of the used satchel into the garden. They are completely eco-friendly and make a great fertilizer.

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Returns & Warranty

We have a 30 day return policy for the Bluapple. To return, the Blueapple cannot be used or show any evidence of being opened or used. This is due to hygiene reasons.

The manufacturer does not offer a warranty for this item due to the nature of its use. However, if your product doesn’t work as expected within 3 months of purchase, please contact us and we will give you a full refund.


How does Bluapple work?
Fruits and vegetables naturally produce a gas called ethylene as they ripen. This gas speeds up the process and causes the produce to get even riper. Bluapple slows down this process by absorbing some of the ethylene gas.

How long until you need refills?
Each Satchel will last 3 months before needing refills.

Will Bluapple work in open areas?
Bluapple will aggressively absorb ethylene gas from any environment it is placed in and will help protect produce in open areas. However, it does work best if it is used in a closed environment where it can vacuum in all the ethylene molecules from the entire space.

Remember that Bluapple will not care what the source of ethylene gas is and will do its best to absorb all it can!

Why buy Bluapple? Isn’t the satchel inside the thing that does the work?
Well it’s certainly the case that the essential element of Bluapple is the packet inside.

However, Bluapple itself does some important things. Firstly, it allows for airflow all around the packet for even ethylene absorption. Secondly, it prevents produce from piling on top of the packet and smothering it. Third, its been designed to protect the packet from moisture in the refrigerator because if the packet were to get completely wet – the efficiency would be significantly degraded. Finally, it’s cute. It continually reminds you when you look in the refrigerator that produce freshness management is there.


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