Bear Bowl: Fully Collapsible Outdoors Cooking Pot and Bowl


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  • Folds flat for easy compact storage and weighs only 200 grams
  • The Bear Bowl cooking pot is compatible with all controlled flame camp stoves including iso-propane, alcohol, and solid fuel cubes
  • Aluminium base plate efficiently transfers heat to your food for faster cooking and lower fuel usage
  • Lab tested food grade PTFE coated fiberglass material for durability and toughness
  • Includes a bonus of 3.6mt of 7-strand 550 Survival Paracord on the convenient carry handle
  • Perfect for backpacking, camping, RV, canoeing, travel and more

The Bear Bowl is a revolutionary new folding cookpot for backpacking, camping and travel. The Bear Bowl collapsible cook pot holds 900g of liquid for cooking and weighs only 200g. The durable aluminium base plate efficiently transfers heat to your food for faster cooking and lower fuel usage. Easy, fast and convenient clean-up after cooking – the lab tested food grade PTFE coated fiberglass material quickly wipes off. After meal time, fold and snap your Bear Bowl flat for easy packability and portability.

Save pack space and cook faster with the Bear Bowl. Folded size is 11.5cm x 12.7cm x 2.6cm.

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The Bear Bowl is subject to a standard 6-month full-replacement warranty for any manufacturing defects.

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Can you use the Bear Bowl on an open flame like a campfire?

When camping and using the Bear Bowl Cook Pot, the Bear Bowl is not intended to be used over an open flame like a campfire except for survival purposes. The material that makes up the body of the Bear Bowl Cook Pot is flame resistant but not fireproof. Open flame will have a high potential of degrading the material after prolonged contact and should be used with caution. That being said, we have had several reports of people wrapping tin foil around the Bear Bowl to use over open flame with great success. Also, when a SEAR instructor tested it, he used it in a survival type situation over a campfire and it held up well but is not recommended if you want it to last cook after cook.

Does it work on Induction Pots?

Unfortunately, no. It has an aluminium base which doesn’t work for induction.

Is the Bear Bowl safe for cooking and eating?

The short answer is if you use the Bear Bowl Cook Pot as intended, it will work safely and securely. We have gone to great measures to prove its safety with lab testing, quality and safety tests. After having the Bear Bowl tested by a third-party lab for food grade and food safety, we are happy to announce that the Bear Bowl Cook Pot passed all tests!

What is the Bear Bowl Cook Pot made out of?

The Bear Bowl body is made from a food grade PTFE coated fiberglass and is used in food manufacturing plants as well as in cooking, grilling and baking products.

What temperature can the Bear Bowl manage?

We are rating the Bear Bowl at about 280 degrees Celsius.

What can I cook in my Bear Bowl Cook Pot?

You can cook virtually anything you want to in your Bear Bowl Cook Pot! That’s the cool thing about the Bear Bowl Cook Pot-it cooks the best vegetables, noodles and of course boils water for coffee, tea, purifying, and all your dehydrated meals.


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