Many innovative and useful products already exist – they’re just not widely known or distributed.

That’s the reason behind Foredge. Foredge is a business that promotes and sells new products. Our mission is to source and distribute innovative and unique technologies from all around the world. Most of the items we offer are not merely gimmicky products but rather items that can solve problems or make life easier for people.

The Foredge store features products from a wide variety of categories. It’s not so much what category the product belongs to but rather the potential, novelty and usefulness of products that counts. Hence, our products range from cups to luggage and anti-drowning wristbands.

Since most of our items are first generation products, they tend to be more expensive than existing alternatives. However, we strive to price our products as low as we can since there is no use for a product that is too expensive for many people to afford.

We’re so confident you’ll like what we have to offer that we have a 30-day money back guarantee on our entire Foredge range. This is done along with a policy of free shipping anywhere in Australia for all purchases.